Saturday, May 18, 2013

Liberal Islamophobia: Glenn Greenwald vs Bill Maher (*SPOILER* Glenn Wins)

The other two: "What is this I don't even"
You can't really be a mainstream journalist in the West if you're too critical (or God forbid, a dissident) of your own country. Not if you want to have a voice on the US stage (See Alexander CockburnRobert Fisk, Amira Hass, others -- or on the intellectual side, Chomsky, Zinn, Edward Said -- incidentally, some of the greatest political and humanist minds of our time.)

Glenn Greenwald is, in my opinion, well on his way to joining that august (yet exiled) company. He's simply too committed to the idea of rationality and evidence-based arguments. Once the mainstream media and political commentators realize that you're actually committed to undermining their power, or calling them on their doctrinal bullshit, you're well on your way. For instance: if he's ever invited as a panelist to Real Time again, I'll be surprised.

Nevertheless, Bill Maher has needed a smack-down on his Islamophobia for quite some time (as do his fellow-travelers, the so-called "New Atheists"), and it was a pleasure to watch Mr. Greenwald deliver it the other night.

Well done, sir.

Douche I kinda like.
Non-douche I like.
Bill Maher: what I like about him, is not what he says. He's usually either preaching to the choir or being a snide, superior asshole (or both.)

But I do appreciate who he has on his show (he even had Chomsky on once; bravo), and I like his condemnation of "loser liberalism". If more liberals were like him, they wouldn't lose so goddamn always. Would be a better life for all of us.

But who I really appreciate are people like Glenn Greenwald. People in the public eye, trying to navigate the political/media/corporate landscape, doing their best to rationally cut through cultural and political delusion and distortion, without getting kicked out of the whole enterprise.

Carry on, sir.
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