Friday, March 22, 2013

BioShock Infinite: IGN Squees, But We Shall See

As one of the more stylish and beautiful games to come out since the Fallout series, people have high hopes for the latest futuristic-yet-old-timey, dystopic, libertarian dream/nighmare world that the latest BioShock installment promises to deliver in BioShock Infinite.

I don't like first person shooters much, but I loved the original BioShock. The atmosphere, the gorgeous old-timey/steam punk art direction, and the ways in which they tell - and engage you in - the story kept me in the world of Rapture till the end.

Now, BioShock 2, we'll give the Aliens 3 treatment. Pretend it didn't happen. Moving along.

IGN's review is mostly squee. And the visuals and storytelling do look pretty fucking brilliant. Will it live up to the hype IGN's fanning here?

We shall see, shan't we?
Yes. Yes, we shall.
Here's the Review:

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  1. Lol, you forgot the "shan't we?" :D

  2. Wha? Where? I did say "shan't we?" :0

  3. And HEY! I left a comment on your blog a while ago and you haven't approved it! Wtffffff

  4. Oh, I see now. In the title. But I put it later - looook.

  5. I felt the same way looking at the trailers... Like, I dunno. I feel like I'm going to be disappointed and just won't want to play it. Like BioShock 2...

    1. 95 on Metacritic with 36 reviews so far. STILL skeptical, though. :0